Obamacare and the law

21 Oct

Liberals who defend Obamacare by saying, “But it’s the law! You need to accept it!” are being deliberately dishonest. They try and make it seem like they’re being reasonable, but really they’re just saying, “Look, screw you, I like Obamacare! And I think Americans need to stop being so selfish and just help people! Gosh, you’re soooo ignorant!” Usually it’s some blithering liberal idiot like a middle-aged soccer mom or a career woman, or an oblivious co-ed that’s touting the wonders of universal healthcare and the necessity for obeying the law.

They only care about the law if it’s giving them what they want. Abortion, no-fault divorce, Obamacare, it’s all the same to them. They don’t care about doing what’s right, only about what they want. And they really, really want Obamacare.

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Posted by on 21 Oct 2013 in obamacare


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