The Manosphere responds to 20/20 segment on the Manosphere

20 Oct

Aside from the fact that mainstream media networks like ABC are barely watched anymore, the fact that the so-called Mannosphere, a segment of the Internet where men talk about men’s issues, is being interviewed by a major media outlet is quite telling as to how far the Manosphere has come in the past five years. You see, the one thing you can always rely on with the Progressive media is that they’ll always spin everything in a way that makes their target look bad and themselves look good. They can’t always accomplish both simultaneously–don’t worry, they’re working on it–but they can edit, spin, and question in such a way that the interviewee, if he’s part of a collective that espouses realtalk and “the red pill” for example, can be made to look like a hatemongering ungulate.

Which is why the media is faltering. Collapsing would be a better word, but I’m feeling generous today. Just as with global warming/cooling/climate change/give Algore more money, people are seeing through the lies. No more do they have a monopoly on investigative reporting, the Internet has completely exposed them for the charlatans they truly are.

At any rate, two pillars of the neoreactionary branch of the Manosphere, Captain Capitalism and Davis Aurini, have responded to ABC’s latest exercise in self-parody. Hilarity ensues:

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Posted by on 20 Oct 2013 in elitist lies, media meltdown


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