Nothing to see here, move along

20 Oct

Please don’t notice the obvious, citizen. Please, or we’ll call you a racist:

A group of 10 black youths — one of them a 12-year-old girl — surrounded a white couple’s car in Brooklyn, viciously beating the husband and yanking the wife to the pavement by her hair as they peppered the two with racial slurs, authorities said.

“Get those crackers!” some of them screamed, according to court papers. “Get that white whore!”

The confrontation erupted about 7 p.m. Monday, as the marauding group crossed Avenue U at E. 58th St. near Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Mill Basin.

Ronald Russo, 30, and his wife, Alanna, apparently had the green light and the husband honked at the group to get out of the way. The rowdy kids started kicking the car, according to the criminal complaint. Ronald Russo got out to check on potential damage to his vehicle.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

Ronald Russo was dragged to the ground. Then he was punched and kicked in the head. He felt more blows all over his body, investigators said. He suffered a fractured nose, a broken septum, a blood clot and abrasions to his shoulder. He was treated and released from Beth Israel Medical Center.

In the midst of the attack, there was a steady chorus of epithets. “White motherf—–!” screamed the attackers, who ranged in age from 12 to 18.

Alanna Russo, 30, was calling 911 when the 12-year-old girl pulled the woman’s hair and threw her to the ground. The victim’s head slammed into the concrete. She suffered a black eye, bleeding and difficulty breathing, prosecutors said, but she refused medical attention.

Her husband’s iPhone was stolen during the melee, according to cops.

The kids scattered after the brazen attack. But two teens, Kashawn Kirton and Daehrell Finch, were arrested at a nearby Lowe’s store parking lot minutes afterward.

Saying that “if the races were reversed, this would be major news” isn’t saying anything. We know the MSM lies, we know they lie regularly and shamelessly. We know they don’t care about the truth, only about making sure it doesn’t get out. That black youths can run hog-wild all over the North and Midwest, terrorizing whites is merely an indication of the agenda the MSM has, nothing more. But by complaining about it, one gives the MSM way too much credit. They’re not as widely watched or read as Fox News, the Drudge Report, Taki’s Mag, Amren, VDare, American Thinker, Vox Day, and the dozens of other conservative outlets that do talk about it.  Really, it’s about time we stop declaring “this would be a major story if X, Y, and Z”. It is, because our side is talking about it. The ABCNNBCBS cabal of left-wing irrelevancies no longer has a monopoly on the news, those days are finished.

The days of realtalk are here to stay. The Internet has seen to that.

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