Caucasian altruism

19 Oct

It turns out that Europeans and their descendants are the most altruistic people in the world. Not surprising:

Recent evidence for greater altruism in whites than in other peoples has been published by Lisa Leslie and her colleagues at the University of Minnesota. They examined race differences in charitable giving as an expression of altruism (Leslie, Snyder & Glomb (2013).  They studied charitable giving in a sample of 16,429 employees in a university. 54% of participants were female. Most participants were staff (78%) rather than faculty. The breakdown of the sample was Asian (6%), Black (5%), Hispanic (2%), Native American (1%), White (84%), and non-resident alien (3%). They gathered data on the amount each employee donated during the organization’s annual month-long charitable giving campaign.

Employees were invited to donate to charities for alleviating or eliminating poverty, the support of education, and the treatment of illness. In examining the race differences in the amount of charitable giving, they controlled for salary, position, and age because these are likely to affect the amount of charitable donations. They found that women donated $31 more to the workplace charity drive than did men, consistent with other research showing that women are more altruistic than men They also found that all the minorities donated less to charity than did whites by an average $26.

The report further goes on to say that blacks donate more to black charities than they do to any other. What does this mean? Well, that blacks have no problems supporting their own in preference to others. This is what would be called “normal behavior” in a sane world, but in today’s pseudo-retarded environment, the intellectually stunted have declared in-group preferences are verboten. In the age of “anti-racism”, only whites are forbidden from actually supporting and preferring their own kind. Blacks, Hispanics, Latinos, Jews, Asians, Middle Easterners, all are told to cherish their unique culture, religion, and ethnicity. But not Europeans. Heaven forbid a German say he prefers Germans to, say, Turks, or an American saying he prefers Americans to Chinese. The minute a European announces his desire to be among people who look, think, and act similar to himself, he’s automatically branded a Nazi, a racist, an anti-Semite, and probably a virgin.

To the modern Progressive imbecile (but I repeat myself), non-whites are virtuous and oppressed, by sheer virtue of their being non-white. Whites are evil, stupid oppressors who ought to share everything they have. This is odd because, depending on what the Progressive perceives is the stronger argument at that moment, she may say the European man should share everything he has worked for because non-whites are so much poorer, unhealthy, and intellectually inferior to him. (Substitute whatever sanitized buzzwords for the offending ones you wish.) On a different day, she may outright state that whatever the European man has isn’t really his since he (or his ancestors) stole it from the non-Europeans. Yes, they really believe this. How it is that the modern day non-European can’t achieve the same level of technological and societal development as his ancestors doesn’t matter to the Progressive, what matters is the dopamine rush that comes from all the goodfeels reveling in the destruction of one’s own nation provides.

It’s about feeling superior to the racist. Loving one’s own people more than another’s is just too mean and hateful to be tolerated by the Progressive ignorati. There’s few things they enjoy more than the thought of “punishing” the West for it’s so-called “sins”. Too bad for them, the people of the West are waking up. It can end peacefully, but it would take a come-to-Jesus moment for the Left by admitting it’s pro-immigration policies are inherently evil for a civilization such as ours.

But that won’t happen. There’s too much ego invested in it at this point. The peaceful expulsion of illegal immigrants is an unlikely outcome at this stage of the game.

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